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    Selah comes from the Hebrew word used for the break between the psalms. It is said to mean “pause” or “stop and listen.” We invite you to pause and create the space in your life to focus on God.
  • Church leadership

    A primary objective of Selah is to provide renewal and sustenance for church leaders–both clergy and laity. Programming specific to this population and their families is given alongside other available offerings.
  • Certificate in Spiritual Direction

    Our Spiritual Direction certificate program prepares you to walk alongside those who come to you for spiritual guidance. Prerequisites are a desire to serve as God’s instrument and a foundational life of study, prayer, and service. Apply now.
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Our Mission

The mission of Selah Center for Spiritual Formation is to promote an understanding and experience of God as love. It is to be a proponent for joining into God’s plan of being healing love in this hurting world.

Leaning Into God's Embrace is a guide for those who are beginners with contemplative prayer. Halstead offers an insightful collection of prayer forms to center your mind in a posture of listening. She also includes easy-to-use templates that leaders can use with groups seeking to explore these new ways of being with God. Her variety of prayer forms allows readers to discover how they can lean into God's loving embrace.

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Watch a conversation with Jackie Halstead on The Listening Side of Prayer

From a series entitled Intersection: Where Theology and Practice Meet with Randy Harris and Carson Reed

Our Services:
Spiritually focused education and training

Spiritual formation.

Spiritual direction, art and worship, immersion in the Christian spiritual disciplines, listening to God, prayer, scripture, simplicity, silence and solitude.

Body spirituality and wellness.

Healthy eating, body prayer, the spirituality of taking care of one's body. Weight control.

Spiritual Direction Certification

One of our most popular trainings is our certification in spiritual direction. This is a year-long certificate course that consists of 2 week-long retreats at the beginning and end of the course as well as a year of continued education, practicum, and mentorship.

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Peace, by Kelli Randolph

Posted by Jackie Halstead | December 4, 2022
Kelli Randolph is in the 2022-23 Cohort for Certification in Spiritual Direction at Selah. She has a B.S. degree in Psychology from Western Kentucky University. Kelli has a heart for those serving in the clergy, and for women in the trenches and transitions of life. She loves to read, write, create, and travel with her husband of 32 years, Scott. ...READ MORE »